There are good reasons to be active in your local CI community. Have you ever been on a hiring committee hoping to get a CI teacher, but couldn’t get the word out to any CI teachers? Or wanted to bring an expert presenter to your school, but your school alone could not afford the cost? How about arrange a classroom visit for an interested colleague, but you have no idea if there is a CI classroom within a 20 mile radius of your school? Want to see CI techniques that you have not implemented but there are no funds for attending any of the big summer conferences? Maybe you are stuck in a drill & kill school and would love to know if there are any CI schools nearby… there are lots of reasons to go local.


What is CI?

CI refers to “comprehensible input”. CI teachers understand that comprehensible input is the only way anybody¬†acquires language, so we seek to maximize the amount and quality of comprehensible messages in our classes. Lots of old-fashioned language teaching is inefficient simply because the amount of CI presented in class is negligible. CI teachers, on the other hand, lead their students to a high degree of proficiency relatively rapidly because we do not waste our class time.


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